Thursday, November 26, 2020

Welcome to Institute of Marine Engineering.


Indian Navy is an enormous platform that not only protects but a pride of India where the officers, workers and the service, all together, brought the culture at the door of World’s Merchant Marine industry. With unavoidable visionary of Indian government, this would not be happened ever. Keeping the idea of huge responsibility and the shine of the work culture, IME polished all the course work with care and managed to bank up excellence results.

Mission and Goal

The institute has been built to create excellence in inedible imprint in ship and marine industry. IME is committing by the tutorial house with all bright and shine future and positivity in change to serve the society with ultimate benefit.


We are not end by right skill in order to build a quality outcome; rather our polished academy course work, gamming with modern technology, strong manipulation management, emergency and security management and hospitable behavioral science produce an iconic personality to survive and ready to take a lead. People takes subjects for mechanical marine engineering, marine engineering and nautical science all grasp the subject line and field with unbounded interest and unstoppable exploration.


Presently the tutorial center is situated at Kolkata, and our AICTE approved campuses are located at Chandigarh, Delhi, Hariyana, Solan (J&K), Vizag, Chennai and Pune.

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Admission open for 2020 /2021